John FORMAN b. May 24 1800-North Thorsley,Lincolnshire Engl. Meth.preacher,mar. Mary Ann, immig. too Can. 1845.

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Abgeschickt von Nancy Kechnie am 19 August, 2005 um 10:36:09

Any information appreciated, on John FORMAN b. May 24, 1800- North Thorsley, Lincolnshire England, who became a Primative Methodist preacher in 1820. He spent the 4th yr. on the Ludlow Circuit,Heredonshire where he met his wife. Mary Ann ? UNKNOWN. After his mar. he entered, secular business, but continued as a local preacher,at various places, Prestlegn, Kidderminstr, Round Oak and Dudley. (I am from, Ont., Can., unfamiliar with these place names) In, 1845, he came to Can. with his fmily, settled first in Pickering Twp. Ont. Can., In 1853, he joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Duffin,s Creek and began work as a local preacher, once more. In 1860, he moved to Elma Twp.Ont. Can. where he died, Nov. 10, 1862.Their children :1) Mary Ann FORMAN, b. ab.t 1829,Eng.,mar. John HEAD, 2nd mar. James BERNEY. 2) Reverend Richard John FORMAN b. Nov. 19 1830, Radorshire Wales, mar. Eliza B. Unknown, 3) Jabez FORMAN b. abt. 1843-Worcestershire, Engl. d. Feb. 27,1899, Elma Twp.,Perth Co., Ont. Can. mar. Margaret INGLIS 4) Thomas FORMAN b. Nov. 15, Worcestershire Engl. mar. Jessie KNOX. I,m peiceing together, the descendents, of John FORMAN,Sr. preacher & Mary Ann, that lived in Canada, and would love any info, on their history, or progenitors, in England. Thanks for any help. Nancy email-


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