Re: Families of Worlaby by Brigg, Lincolnshire

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Abgeschickt von John Skipworth am 16 Juli, 2003 um 08:20:03

Antwort auf: Re: Families of Worlaby by Brigg, Lincolnshire von Diane Warnock (nee Johnson) am 27 April, 2003 um 23:15:17:

My family lived in Worlaby after 1934 when we moved from Walk House Farm, Barrow on Humber. My Dad worked for Mr. Bill Robinson at The Grange Farm.
When I was 11 I went to Brigg Grammar School until 1947, after which I served in the RAF. My brother Walter also lived in Worlaby in the Council Houses built just before the War. He worked for Brigg RDC, as well as being a slaughterman part time, killing the family pigs for the Worlaby people. He died of a heart attack some time ago. I am the last survivor of that generaion and moved to Australia in 1969, where I still live happily. I would love to hear from anyone who lived in Worlaby at the same time and may even remember me.



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